Teeth Cleaning in Shoreview, MN

Teeth cleaning sessions aren’t just about making your smile look attractive. Deep cleaning (oral prophylaxis) is a series of preventive dentistry practices aimed at eliminating plaque and tartar (the most common causes of oral diseases). 

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Examination and Periodontal Charting

Teeth cleaning sessions are typically conducted by dental hygienists. Before any cleaning takes place, the dental hygienist will examine your teeth, gums, and other areas of the mouth.

The hygienist will use a dental probe to examine the health of the gums. This process, known as “periodontal charting,” examines the pocket depth of the gums. The hygienist will usually call out a series of numbers to an assistant. If you hear a ‘1’ or ‘2,’ it usually means that portion of the gums is free of inflammation and likely healthy. Higher numbers may indicate the presence of gingivitis or gum disease.

Oral Prophylaxis - Teeth cleaning in Shoreview MN

Oral Prophylaxis

The reason oral prophylaxis is so important is that cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease (gum disease), periodontitis (gum infection), and tooth decay usually begin as plaque and tartar buildup. What’s more, tartar becomes a cement-like substance that can only be removed with specialized dental tools. 

To eliminate plaque and tartar, the dental hygienist will likely perform the following:

  • General cleaning
  • Scaling
  • Root planing
  • Tooth polishing
  • Manual flossing

For patients with recurring cavities, the dentist may recommend a fluoride treatment as an anti-cavity measure. Sealants may be recommended to simplify brushing for patients with deep grooves in their molars.

Plaque - Teeth cleaning in Shoreview MN

What is Plaque?

Plaque is a conglomeration of saliva, bacteria, microbes, and minerals. Plaque is forming in your mouth around the clock and can never be entirely eliminated, only controlled. Plaque is most noticeable when you first wake up. It's that sticky film that coats your teeth, gums, and tongue. Plaque is often referred to as "biofilm" since it is actually a large community of microbes and bacteria suspended in a mixture of saliva and minerals. Since biofilm is sticky, it readily adheres to all surfaces of the mouth — even below the gumline.